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What is EPDM?

EPDM : Ethylene—Propylene—Diene tripolymer

Ethylene propylene rubber (EPM/EPDM) copolymers of ethylene and propylene are generally divided into two yuan ethylene propylene rubber and three ethylene propylene rubber. It features excellent ozone resistance, UV resistance, weathering resistance and aging resistance, ranking first in general rubber. 

Electrical insulation, chemical resistance, impact elasticity is good, acid and alkali resistance, small proportion, it can be filled with high. Heat resistance can reach 150, polar solvent - ketone, ester and so on, but not fatty hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon. Other physical and mechanical properties are slightly inferior to natural rubber but superior to styrene butadiene rubber. 

The disadvantage is that self adhesive and mutual viscous are very poor and difficult to bond. Use temperature range: about - 50~ + 15. It is mainly used for chemical equipment lining, wire and cable foreskin, steam hose, heat resistant conveyor belt, automotive rubber products and other industrial products.

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