Extrusion Rubber Fender [2018-12-04 22:22:27]
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Invitation coming Automotive Exhibition: 2018 Beijing International automotive exhibition [2018-04-09 20:36:53]
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Silicone Sponge or Silicone Foam? What is the Difference? [2018-04-02 16:45:39]
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Commonly knowledge for silicone sealing products [2018-03-30 01:36:19]
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Automotive rubber seal strip [2018-03-14 11:31:46]
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Congratulation for The Traditional festivals: the Lantern Festival [2018-03-02 19:15:49]
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Excellent heat resistance in Automotive industry seal [2018-03-23 19:38:51]
The automobile' industry seal is not so much as the latest seal material, but it is not in fact, and the silicone rubber has a history of decades in China. A few years ago, is indeed the pride, the rubber is very delicate, gradually reduce the cost in recent years ... Read More
2017 China top ten automotive seal coating list [2018-03-23 19:36:31]
In order to solve the performance problem of automobile sealing system, the Chinese automobile seal system team conducted field inspection on the coating of automobile seal strip. ... Read More

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