Factory manufacturer for door and window rubber seal profile [2018-03-23 19:34:36]
The sealing strip market is mainly based on three yuan EPDM rubber, rubber and other materials. According to its usage, it can be divided into automotive seals, mechanical seals, door and window seals and so on.
Classification of sealing strips of doors and windows ... Read More
Is the vehicle sound proof seal useful? [2018-03-23 19:28:59]
You know we mainly rely on vehicle noise in the engine compartment and door and other parts installed insulation cotton or insulation foam material to noise, because some resonance frequency will produce noise, so in the door, the chassis position will also install some parts of the car is reduced to prevent the resonance of materials, but in a recent piece of advertising in the article to see a new term, called the car sound insulation sealing strip. ... Read More
Welcome to our new website : www.extrusionrubber.com [2018-03-23 19:26:05]
Welcome to our new website,in order to introduce more of our extrusion rubber products, so we build this new website. We will supply you more of our new designed and customized rubber sealing products for you. And also accept your kind advice for our work, thanks. ... Read More

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