Sponge rubber seals are available in a variety of specially designed shapes, with several height and width variations. Since each product is made from a custom formulated EPDM sponge rubber compound, they’ll provide excellent resistance to water absorption, ozone, sunlight aging, low temperature, and compression set. With a general temperature rating of -20°F to +158°F, our EPDM rubber foam seals are ideal for numerous applications. Our sponge rubber seals are made from a durable EPDM foam rubber compound, with custom designs available. Our bulk manufacturing facility allows us to provide rubber extrusion at the lowest prices available on the market. Whether you’d like to drown out noise, eliminate vibration, or protect your vehicle or home from the elements, our seals are the perfect solution. With an assortment of sizes and models, we can help you find the right d-shaped weather seal for any job.


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